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Happy New Year


The new update of the website is here. We have updated the localization and made some little tweaks.


BSD 2018 - Part I


We are rolling out a new update of the website. Part I is about cases. Cases are everywhere. Declension is a basic thing in Slavic languages (exceptions are Bulgarian and Macedonian).

If you see a square - click on it and see the right endings. Or add cases for your language.

Part I "Cases" is in preview (russian, polish and slovenian languages are in, and only nouns for now).


Translit is here


Our goal is to make the dictionary open for everyone. Now you can activate transliteration for cyrillic words.

No more problems to compare Slavic words without knowing of cyrillic. Today is a great day!

To enable transliteration:

1. Open this page:
2. Click on "Enable translit"


Introducing the Incubator


We've decided to open a special place for some languages. It's hidden by default.

To enable additional Slavic languages:

1. Open this page:
2. Click on "Enable Incubator"

Be aware that Incubator is in preview.


The future of Bosnian and Montenegrin


Since launching the site last year, we’ve had people look up over 10 000 words. That’s truly staggering.

It's time to release some information from our reviewing the statistics.

We have 5 languages for ex-Yugoslavian countries (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia) and 4 of them are quite similar.

We have a very active community for Serbian and Croatian, but translation activity for Montenegrin and Bosnian is low. The story behind the Croatian and Serbian is simple: we need one language in cyrillic and the other in latin script. However, keeping similar words for Bosnian and Montenegrin makes no sense right now. That's why we are thinking to remove Bosnian and Montenegrin from the dictionary.